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VAT refund

In many stores, you can receive a tax- free cheque when you purchase goods. Most of these stores have a Tax Free logo in the window or by the cash desk, but we recommend that you ask the staff whether the store offers this service.


NB: Citizens of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland CANNOT receive a VAT refund for goods purchased in Norway.


If you receive a tax-free cheque from the store and are entitled to a refund, you can collect the refund when you leave Norway. There are many places where you can collect the refund payment in Norway, such as airports, border crossings or onboard ferries. Where you will receive the refund payment depends on how you leave the country.


You must purchase goods for a minimum of 315 NOK (285 NOK for food) in the same store in order to receive a tax- free cheque. The goods must be taken from the country in an un-used condition within 1 (one) month after the date of purchase.


When you are to receive your VAT refund, ensure that you have the goods, tax-free cheque and your passport with you. Note that Norwegian customs does not have any involvement in the VAT refund system, and does not stamp tax- free cheques.

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