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Drøbak & Oscarsborg Fortress

Drøbak, located along the eastern shores of the Oslo Fjord just 30 minutes from down town Oslo is to many Norwegians known as the Christmas town of Norway.

The many old wooden houses together with shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants makes the old town Drøbak unique and worth a visit. 200 years ago Drøbak was an important exporter of ice and timber which made the business flourished and prosperous merchants laid the foundation for the city as we know it today.


In Drøbak you will find Tregaardens Julehus, Norway's first Christmas House Christmas House open all year, and Santa's post office. Over 20,000 letters is received every year from children worldwide. Many of these you can see if you visit the Tourist Information in Drøbak.


Only five to ten minutes by ferry from Drøbak you will find Oscarsborg Fortress, situated right in the middle of the Oslo Fjord. Oscarsborg Fortress is known to most Norwegians as the fortification that sank the German cruiser Blücher during the Second World War. Today Oscarsborg is open to the public and in addition to the museum and the original fortifications there is several restaurants and a hotels there today. Every year there is an annual opera festival in August.

A taste of Drøbak

Eating in Drøbak


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