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Other transport

It is also possible to visit Asker and Bærum with your own car, car rental, mobil home rental or using taxis.


Da Vinci broen på Vinterbro
Diverse Follo
Photo: Akershus Reiselivsråd

Own car

Asker and Bærum is a region with a well- developed infrastructure. The main artery is the E18. The E18 stretches from the Oslo border in the east through Asker in the west and into Buskerud county. Most attractions and activities are easily accessible by car. The E18 is a toll road if you cross Oslo’s borders. Duriing rush hours the traffic at the E18 runs very slowly. We recommend using public transportation during rush hours.


Mobil home

Nordic Campers is the first and the best-known Mini Camper van rental in Norway. It is a small family business that takes its pride in good customer service and quality cars.

Nordic Campers offer two options for different sized groups, a 2 persons mini camper and a roof top tent for up to 5 persons.

You find more information about the Nordic Campers here



The following large taxi company operate in Asker and Bærum:


Asker og Bærum Taxi

Tel:+47 06710

Map Asker & Bærum


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