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Welcome to Røyken

Royken - A gem between two fjords. Royken is situated between Drammensfjorden in the west and the Oslo Fjord in the east. Here you will find beautiful scenery and a rich cultural life.

Only a half hour drive from Oslo you find Royken municipality with its 21,500 residents. Neighboring Municipalities is Hurum in the south, Asker in the north and Lier in the west.


Royken has two train stations and busconection from both Drammen and Oslo.


Royken municipality offers beautiful scenery. Kjekstad Marka, Villingstadåsen, Bårsrudmarka and Årosmarka have all great trails, lakes and ponds wich are popular recreation areas in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The municipality has great sports facilities, and on Kjekstadmarka you can play at an 18-hole golf course. 


Royken has a beautiful coastline to both Drammensfjorden and the Oslofjord.
Here are the beaches and to the harbors like pearls on a string. From Slemmestad to Aker Brygge you can travel by express boat.


The coastal path stretches from Slemmestad through Nærsnes and Båtstø to Åros and further into the neighboring municipality Hurum.

The road of the Ancients goes through royken and ties Drammensfjorden together with the the Oslo fjord.

Tourist information in Royken

Map over Royken

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