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Tourist information in Akershus

Akershus offers four tourist information centres that are open all year round. At the tourist information centres we provide advice and suggestions regarding sights, restaurants and accommodation.


Two of the three tourist information centres that are open year round are located in two of the county’s largest shopping centres; one is located in Sandvika shopping centre in Bærum, and the other is situated in Ski Storsenter in Ski municipality. These tourist information centres therefore have long opening hours on weekdays and Saturdays. You can find more information about Sandvika tourist information and Ski tourist information here.


In Drøbak town centre, down by the harbour and in the same building as the aquarium, is Drøbak tourist office. This tourist office is quite special, with walls decorated with letters and cards to Father Christmas from children all over the world. Every year, the “Drøbak Santa” receives 25,000 enquiries from all corners of the world. At Christmas, it is possible to meet Father Christmas himself here. At other times of the year it is Tourist Manager Tom who runs the store and helps tourists and others with advice and tips, brochures and information. At the tourist information office in Drøbak you can obtain information about Drøbak and the surrounding region, ferry times to Oscarsborg Fortress, and advice on everything else that is happening in Drøbak. Guides to hiking in Drøbak can also be obtained here. The guides are published by Frogn municipality and Gamle Drøbak Verneforening. The Tourist Information Office is open on weekdays all year round from 08:30 - 16:00. Telephone: 64 93 50 87 or see


At Bjørkelangen station you can find tourist information in the old station building. The office is staffed on weekdays between 08:30 and 15:30. There is also a cafe here that is open on certain days during the week. Welcome!


Since Akershus surrounds Oslo on all sides, many visitors combine their visit to Akershus with a visit to the capital. Oslo’s tourist information centres can also help you with advice and tips regarding sights and accommodation in Akershus. For more information see Visit Oslo.


Contact information:

Drøbak Turistkkontor

Tel: +47 64 93 50 87




Ski Turistinformasjon

Tel: +47 64 85 90 00.



Bjørkelangen Turistinformasjon

Tel: +47 90 931 356




Sandvika Turistinformasjon

Tel: +47 67 52 23 00.


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