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Last updated 12. June 2018 

"The website" refers to all of "We" refers to Akershus Tourist Board  

The website uses log files. These files retrieve information such as IP addresses, browser type, reference pages, ISP, time stamp, etc. None of this information may be used to identify you personally.


Personal privacy policy

What personal information Akershus Tourist Board may retrieve, process and store is determined by the Norwegian Personal Data Act (link to This applies to the entire company including the website.

The Norwegian Personal Data Act states that we are obliged to provide information about how personal data we receive is used. Personal data received is processed pursuant to Chapter II, Section 8 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act.


Responsibility for processing personal data

The main responsibility for processing personal data lies with Akershus Tourist Board.
Information processed and purpose of processing
On the website we collect personal data through various forms that the user can fill out, for example, sign up for an event, participate in a competition or order a service. In such instances we request the information we need in order to deliver the service and/or contact the person. Occasionally, we ask for other information that is used for statistical purposes, such as age or postal address. It is optional for the website user to register personal information in our forms.


External providers/data processors
Inmeta is responsible for the development and maintenance of and processing personal data at


Storage and surrender of personal data

Personal information registered on forms on our website is not accessible to other site visitors. The information is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary in order to deliver the service that is ordered or if you have consented to this upon completing the form. Akershus Tourist Board does not sell personal information to others.

Information registered in forms at is stored at Akershus Tourist Board and is not used for any other purpose than that to which the form applies. Information is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary in order to deliver the service that is ordered or if you have consented to this upon completing the form.


Searching on the website

Search words used on the website are collected and stored by Google Analytics, as well as by the search tool operated by Inmeta. The purpose of this is to be able to use data about what it is being searched for, to customise the content of the pages and improve the search function. Search words cannot be linked to other information about the user who made the search.

Accessing, correcting or deleting personal information

For queries about accessing, correcting or deleting personal information please contact

Due to system backups, personal data may remain in the backup for 60 days after deletion.


SSL encryption

Our websites are secured with SSL certification, which means that the pages are encrypted. This is shown by the pages having an https address. You may check this by clicking the padlock icon that appears next to the page’s address in your browser.


Facebook login

On some pages you can also post comments via a Facebook comment field. These comments are linked to your Facebook profile, which is displayed with your profile picture and name, as well as occupation/workplace (if you choose to write something in the Facebook comment field). Your comment and the said information from your profile will appear on the page where you wrote it to all visitors to the page. This information is Facebook's property and is not stored at Akershus Tourist Board. Akershus Tourist Board does not use your comments or profile information beyond it appearing in the comment field on the page.

If you are logged in to your Facebook account you may also "like" pages on the website. When you “like” a page on, your Facebook friends will see that you have liked that particular page. Other users that are not Facebook friends only see the number of “likes” clicked.

In these instances, it is Facebook’s privacy statement which applies. See Facebook's privacy statement at


Order buttons and external links

On some pages of the website, there are order buttons that lead to other websites, such as purchase buttons in an event calendar or in the presentation of a hotel or booking a table at a restaurant.

If the link leads to a website other than, Akershus Tourist Board is not responsible for personal information on the external site. In such instances, it is the external website's privacy statement which applies.


Integrated elements from external websites

The website contains integrated elements from external websites (such as Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Instagram) in the form of widgets or other integrated elements. These elements place cookies in your browser, which they use for statistical and marketing purposes (see information about cookies). Akershus Tourist Board does not store information about your use of these elements. This information is only collected and stored by the external player (Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, etc.). 

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