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Kongsvinger & Finnskogen

Romerike border on Hedmark county to the northeast – not far from Kongsvinger and Finnskogen.


The fortified town of Kongsvinger in the southeast of Hedmark, only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Oslo and 30 minutes from Sweden, is a regional transport hub with short distances to historic cultural experiences with natural charm.


Chief residences from the Iron Age have been found here, which belonged to Viking king Halvdan Kvitbein of Solør and Ynglingeætten origin. Travellers immigrated here in the 1500s, bringing their trading culture with them. At the mystical border, there are still traces of the minority culture that the Skogfinner people from the east brought with them during immigration from Finland in the 1600s.


Attractions such as Kongsvinger Fortress, and the old part of town, Magnor Glassworks, the Norwegian Elk Centre, the National Women’s Museum, Skogfinsk Museum and Finnskogtoppen Health Centre are particular highlights. Other attractions include farms, Finnskogleden for hiking and ski trails, and lakes with fish and animal life. For more information, see www.reiserogopplevelser.no



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