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About Akershus Tourist Board

Akershus Tourist Board is a member organisation for tourism-related businesses in Akershus, and an umbrella organisation for the regional tourism units Visit Romerike, Visit Follo and Visit Asker and Bærum. The organisation’s purpose is to develop and promote tourism in Akershus. In recent years there has been a focus on increasing tourism businesses’ markets through cooperation with neighbouring regions on booking and joint marketing projects, in addition to carrying out practical courses that help to increase competence within the industry.


Akershus Tourist Board and the regional units Visit Follo, Visit Romerike and Visit Asker and Bærum wish to be an important resource in the development and marketing of the tourism industry in Akershus. Members are tourism-related companies in the areas of accommodation, transport, food and drink, experiences and shopping, in addition to municipalities and regional councils.


Akershus County Municipality is one of the tourist board’s most important partners regarding tourism-related questions.


Akershus Tourist Board was established in 1987. The company has offices in Follo and Romerike. In April 2013 an office will open in Asker and Bærum as well.


About Akershus County

With its 4,918 square kilometres, Akershus is the smallest county in Norway, but among the largest in terms of population (just over 500,000 inhabitants). The county comprises 22 municipalities. You can find more information about the municipalities her: List over municipalities.


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