Biking, Hiking and Bathing in Romerike - Articles - Romerike -

Here you find some tips, maps and other info about hiking, biking and places to swim  in Romerike!

In Romerike you can choose everything from quiet lakes to take swim, or biking or haiking in the forest - the possibilities are many.

We have selected some trips on foot or by bike - good trip and welcome to Romerike!

Bike Orienteering Map from  Jessheim - download the map here

Mjøstråkk - bike map that takes you around the lake ofMjøsa through three counties - downloadable map click here


Quality Hotel
Olavsgaard has its own map -  download here!


Losby Mansion has its own biking map - download here!


Welcome to activ days in Romerike!


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