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Travelling by bus in Follo is both comfortable and efficient. For groups, renting a tour bus can be a good alternative. There is also good public transport by coach.


Follo offers a broad and varied range of bus services. Follo is situated right south of Oslo, and the public transport is therefore linked, in many instances, to services in the capital.


Prøv en turbuss fra Schaus
Topp moderne busser fra Schaus Buss
Photo: Schaus Buss

Tour bus

For groups, the most comfortable and time-efficient option is to rent one or several tour buses. The offices for Schaus Buss are located in Vestby in Follo. Most buses are also stationed here. Schaus Buss has new, modern buses, and focuses on quality. The company features competent and experienced drivers. Schaus Buss also has buses stationed in Oslo and Romerike, including at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Gardermoen Minibuss & Crewtransport is also situated at Gardermoen. The company’s minibuses and sedans are often used by businesses, and by tourists travelling to and from Gardermoen, in addition to fixed crew transport.


Airport Bus

Several bus companies operate to and from Oslo Airport. Ruter serves a number of stops in the area around the airport. For information and timetables, see Ruter. There are also airport buses that travel directly to and from Oslo city centre for transfers to other trains, as well as the Airport Express Bus which has routes to Kolbotn and Ski.


It is also possible to fly to Moss Airport Rygge or Sandefjord Airport Torp when visiting Akershus. For travel planning help, see Ruter.



For travel between small and medium-sized towns, coaches are often the best alternative. We recommend the Ruter travel planner, which can help you find the services that are most appropriate for your needs.

Map over Follo


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